Karin Hartman
Hartman Realty Group


There are challenges you will face when you are getting divorced and try to sell or buy a home.

A Real Estate agent who is a divorce specialist, understands these issues and can communicate more effectively between you and your ex. 


Regarding the sale of the marital home, or any shared property:

  • If the spouses share ownership of the property, and both names are on the deed , both parties will need to sign off on the listing agreement, the contract for sale, and various closing documents. One spouse cannot sell the house without the other's consent. If one spouse does not allow it, then the process will be delayed.
  • If one of the spouses keep the marital home, then it is recommended that the person remaining in the house becomes the legal and sole owner of the property, and refinances the property in their name without the other spouse. Otherwise, in the case that spouse moves out and stops making payment s on the mortgage, the other risks losing the home and ruining their credit.
  • If the sale of real estate is going to be made while property is still jointly owned, it will need to be agreed on how the spouses are going to cooperate and work together. Are they going to choose a Realtor together? Is one going to entrust the other to find the right professional to represent them? Are both spouses going to be involved in the process? This can be of particular importance to those individuals that are relying on the sale of the property in order to acquire the finances they need to move forward.


I am a Certified Divorce Professional that works together with a group of experienced professional to help you during this difficult transition in your life.